We are delighted to welcome back Eve to TSR Legal Recruitment.


Eve originally worked with TSR Legal as a Legal Recruitment Consultant covering the South East area. She then made the difficult decision and decided to experience what life was like on the other side of the phone. She joined a highly respected legal firm as a Sales and Marketing Executive. After a year in this role, she could no longer fight her feelings. Eve missed the hustle and bustle of the recruitment world (we know she missed the people really) so she contacted Karen and as they say, the rest his history.


Eve was proud to complete her Legal Diploma at Swansea University in 2017. From there, she took her first job at a sales and marketing company in Liverpool. “This was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had and the long hours didn’t leave much room for my serial shopping addiction, let alone anything else.” Valuable experiences learnt, Eve decided to make the move back to Cardiff where she landed her first recruitment job with TSR.


She quickly gelled with the team and became an integral part of what we were trying to achieve. Losing Eve was a real blow to the team, so when she decided to re-join TSR, she was welcomed with open arms! Eve has got back into the swing of things, even playing a key role in our Children In Need initiative. “TSR compliments my personality and skill-set perfectly. I work well with the team and the support I have received from Karen and Rob has been so refreshing. The moment I walked back into the office, I knew I had made the right decision and I can’t wait to see be part of this exciting project.” said Eve.


When she is not in the office, Eve likes to spend time with her best friend, Denis, an eight-month-old border collie. But when she does get a bit of time to herself, Eve likes to satisfy her shopping addiction and read the occasional autobiography.


Welcome back Eve, we are delighted to have you back!