With the on-going uneasiness around the UK’s impending transition out of the European Union, the jobs market has seen an increase in demand for legal professionals.

According to Karen Briggs (now Head of Brexit’ at KPMG) “clients are mainly looking into three areas in their first response to Brexit: what it might mean for EU workers, what it means for their supply chain, and how it will affect their cash flow.”

The announcement also suggests that accountancy firms could benefit from the post-referendum uncertainty as clients try to make sense of what the outcome of the referendum means for them.

Steve Varley, UK chairman at EY, told The Independent they had a team in place to prepare for the potential outcome of the referendum – remain or leave – since last year.

“We are already working with many of our clients on the impact of the EU Referendum on their business. Brexit will affect their business strategy, supply chain, funding, tax position, regulation, growth opportunities and talent pipeline,” Varley said.

“We have a big and diverse team in the UK – in the heart of our business we have mobilised a group of more than 60 partners to help our clients respond. Given the importance of UK business in global trade, we are working with our global business to put together the right teams and solutions for our clients across the world,” he added.

Interestingly, the Specialist Recruitment Consultants at TSR Legal are also experiencing an increase in demand for legal professionals. In fact, since the official unveiling of ‘Brexit’ on the 23rd June, our current list of vacancies available at tsr-legal.co.uk has grown considerably.

In particular, we’re currently experiencing an increase in the demand for high-quality solicitors in the banking and finance sectors as well as corporate commercial solicitors.

If you are currently searching for a new role yourself or are a legal organisation looking for the right legal professionals to assist you in the Brexit process, please call us directly on: 02920 388100.