The days are shorter, temperatures are low, and the weather is even more miserable than usual.


We are looking forward to nothing but two solid months of continued dark winter misery.


This is surely the ‘January blues’ that many of us will face.


So during January, to help make things a little more bearable, we’ve got 5 tips on how to help beat the January blues at work alongside our free registration and regional legal job market overview for 2020.


Try something new


Everyone is at risk of falling into the well known ‘comfort zone’ The start of a new year provides us all with the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby or activity.


You never know, you may surprise yourself and unearth a hidden talent.


Have something to look forward to


There is no better feeling than the excitement of having something to look forward to.


It will help to fill your days with enthusiasm, focus your mind and distract you from negative influences.


So fill out a holiday form and get something booked!


Avoid unrealistic resolutions 


Don’t set yourself up for failure. Many of us enter the new year with these outrageous resolutions that we know we will never stick to.


Making resolutions to better yourself is a good thing, but make sure they are achievable and relevant to what you want.


Take advantage of the great outdoors


Fresh air and natural sunlight can make everything seem more positive. In an already challenging month, don’t allow yourself to fall into the routine of work, sleep, repeat.


Take advantage of what sunlight is available.


And last but not least, the dreaded exercise


It has been scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins and lifts your mood.


It also gives you the satisfaction of seeing something through that you knew you weren’t going to enjoy.


January can be used as a time for reflection. Apart from the weather and a lack of sunshine, is there anything else that is making you feel down?


Would a new career path or a better income lift your mood?


Everyone can suffer from January blues. Those who decide to do something about it usually feel the benefits throughout the year.


We hope that these tips keep you in good spirits this January and throughout the rest of the year.


However, if a new legal career will help you achieve your career goal in 2020 and avoid the January blues, please contact one of our legal recruitment specialists to see what opportunities are available to you and receive a free job market overview.



Ryan Pryce

Managing Consultant – South East

T: 02033 266 402