As a national business, we strive to deliver the very best legal opportunities and client services possible. What many people don’t know is this also applies to our work with local and national Charities.
This year, we partnered up with JD Gyms and put our fitness (or lack of) to the test. As a team, we decided to cycle 300 miles in 6 days for Children In Need. Our journey would take us to our most Northern client, who is approximately 240 miles away. However, we thought we would push ourselves to the limit and round it up to 300! (What were we thinking?!)
Our Managing Consultant for the South East, Ryan Pryce kicked started our journey and was a real trooper throughout. He consistently took on extra miles when everyone else’s legs felt like jelly!
Our Directors, Rob Adams and Karen Jones, didn’t shirk their cycling responsibilities either. Balancing a very busy schedule they were able to rack up the miles and inspire the team to keep on going. At one stage, I am pretty sure I saw Karen liaising with a client whilst cycling!
Every member of the team pulled their weight and we are thrilled to raise £250 for such a worthwhile cause.
Thank you to JD Gyms for supplying us with the bike and a HUGE thank you to all those who generously donated.
In total, Children In Need 2019 raised £47.9 million pounds and we are so proud to be a part it!