TSR Legal Meets Wesley Skene, founder of the South Wales Law Awards.

The South Wales Law community is a part of the thriving business scene that contributes so much to our economy. It’s only right that a community that gives so much to South Wales is recognized and celebrated. As such, Wesley Skene created the inaugural South Wales Law Awards.
What has been your highlight organising the South Wales Law Awards?
The highlight of founding and organising the awards has been the opportunity to see first hand how much the law community contributes to our society and the economy. The legal sector and the huge number of businesses that operate in conjunction with it are one of the major driving forces of our economy. However, the most important highlight has been the opportunity to understand how very different things would be if we didn’t have a law community. A law community that is able to protect our rights, our family and businesses. The South Wales Law community is something that we must hold onto and support in every-way possible.
How does the South Wales law Awards stand out from other awards?
The South Wales Law Awards stands out from the other awards by reaching out to the whole of South Wales Law Community. We have promoted the awards to every sector, encouraging those to come forward and get the recognition that they truly deserve. We have also assembled an independent judging panel of experts, who painstakingly assessed the nominees and have deliberated in the search for the best in South Wales.
Why did you set up the South Wales Law Awards?
As the founder of the South Wales Business Awards, I have over the years had brief glimpses of the work done in the legal field by our law firms. I have also been struck by the lack of appreciation, respect and consideration our law community is given. Within the media and generally the value and benefit that law firms and solicitors contribute is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be this way and we should celebrate the hugely important sector that the law community comprises of.
What are you looking forward to the most about the Awards?
For me any awards that I launch is all about allowing the nominees, their friends and family the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their success. In Wales, we are never very keen to shout out about our achievements. I firmly believe that by highlighting success we drive more people and business forward to achieve great things. Success begets success.
What can we expect to see on the evening of the Awards?
The South Wales Law Awards are unlike any other awards. They are being held at the iconic Bear Hotel – Cowbridge, in the most exquisite of surroundings. Our host for the evening is one of Wales’s most popular radio and TV presenters – Sara Edwards. Most importantly, the awards are focused on our nominees. Making them feel special and appreciated. Everything the awards build to is in appreciation of our nominees.