Each month TSR Legal meet with professionals across the legal industry. We interview people who work in different areas of law; gauging their experience and insight into the legal sector. This month we are interviewing Michael Lewis, HR Officer at Lewis Silkin.

What has been your 2018 Highlight

Over the last 12 months we’ve really grown our headcount with a number of new legal and business service positions starting with us. With our offices in London, Cardiff, Oxford and Hong Kong all growing and with a new office opening in Dublin this has been a really exciting (and busy) time! We’ve been able to attract really good people who have brought a great energy and enthusiasm to the Firm.

How does your firm stand out from the crowd?

We pride ourselves on being a ‘rather more human law firm’, with realistic targets for our people which allows them to spend non-chargeable time with our clients investing in the relationship as well as achieving a good work/life balance.
We believe that our uniqueness and success comes from a combination of our focus & expertise, our culture & approach, and our people & clients. Our commitment to our culture and values has been a key contributor to our growth and achievements, and it is something that is critical for us to maintain as we continue to expand.
Offering benefits such as yoga, a massage therapist, gym subsidies etc. all help towards a positive culture that isn’t just focused on hitting targets.

What do you enjoy most about working at Lewis Silkin?

I really enjoy working with the people who work for Lewis Silkin. There is a great mix of people from a range of different specialisms all of who bring something unique to the workplace.

What advice would you give to aspiring lawyers?

I would advise that whilst good academic grades are great, if you can balance this with getting as much direct ‘real life’ experience as possible that really balances out your CV and what you can offer a law firm. Your experience doesn’t need to be working for a law firm, it can be charity work, an interesting hobby, an interesting project you’ve worked, etc., but if you can try and focus on what you really enjoyed about and show that enthusiasm in your application that really helps the people shortlisting to see you as a rounded individual.

What can we expect to see from Lewis Silkin in 2019?

Our people are at the heart of our business. We want to retain and attract the very best and maintaining and improving our employee engagement is critical to this goal. We’re looking at a really busy year with various national and international activities taking place (including the dreaded ‘B’ word) and we are going to be ensuring our people are best placed to support our clients, both current and new.