Each month TSR Legal Recruitment will be exploring the legal industry. We will be interviewing people who work in different areas of law and gauging their experience and insight.

Duncan Macintosh – Senior Partner at Capital Law

This week we are interviewing Duncan Macintosh. Duncan is recognised as a leader in his field by the legal directories, Duncan is a founder of Capital Law, leads the Corporate team, and is a member of the firm’s Board. Duncan is qualified as a solicitor both in England and Wales, and in Scotland, where he is a Writer to HM Signet.

What has been your 2018 highlights so far?

Highlights can be good and bad. Mine is, curiously, bad!  And it is watching the political classes utterly ruin what is inevitably a reasonably easily structured, albeit complex, negotiation around Brexit. The commonplace skills of an experienced commercial lawyer include method, structure, and open discussion.  An expert lawyer always negotiates in good faith.  Politicians clearly don’t know any of this.  It’s breath-taking how badly something as fundamentally important to the whole of Europe, quite apart from the UK, is being handled.

How does your firm stand out from the crowd?

I am not a great fan of “standing out from the crowd” for its own sake.  There are many excellent commercial lawyers and firms in the UK – which is why we are, and will (not withstanding Blessed Brexit) remain a first port of call for commercial legal work worldwide.  We are very committed to our values –Approach-ability, Integrity, Boldness, Excellence and Clarity – and I like the fact that every day, in every way, I see our lawyers living up to them.

What is your favourite thing about working at Capital Law?

It’s fun, and we have high quality work from high quality clients.  I know people who don’t enjoy their work. I do – a lot. Enjoyment comes from the people who work here and the way in which they work. I have never separated work from life, and I don’t think Capital does. I treat work as a fundamental part of my life, and life (family, outside interests etc.) as part of my work.

What advice would you give to aspiring lawyers?

I can do no better than refer them, as we already do in our firm, to what we know as the “Gilbert Principles”.  Paul Gilbert is an old friend and colleague, who manages to speak with unremitting good sense about a lawyer’s life and times.

What can we expect to see from Capital Law in 2019?

More of the same really. A legal business is only as good as its people.  We are enormously fortunate in the people we have. TSR Legal generally have steered some terrific people our way.  We need many more!  The legal world is not short of work, and nor, in spades, are we – so our major effort this year will be to add experts and expertise to our team.