Something which has become apparent in the last month or so has been the variance in growth across firms in the South East region.

From a legal recruitment perspective, it’s great to hear that firms are looking to grow and there are currently plenty of opportunities for support staff and fee earners across London and the South East.

However, in my experience, the firms that are continuing to entice and uproot the best candidates in the market, are those who are willing to pay either the market rate or slightly above that figure.

This can be incredibly frustrating for some firms, whose growth plans feel stunted due to the demands from legal professionals only looking to move for the right salary.

Firms can often be left bemused when I confirm what the current market rate is for a legal professional but these amounts are the amounts which are proving to be attractive for prospective candidates.

From what I can understand, my predictions for the rest of 2017 are that legal professionals will be hard to attract away from their current firms for anything below the market rate salary in the South East.

Going Forward

Although I’ve spoken before about how firms can bulk out and value stack their salary propositions with benefits, the South East as a region is still heavily salary-focused and I think this will play a big part in the successful or perhaps less successful predicted growth for firms in the area.

At TSR Legal, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients an up to date market rate salary figure for support staff and fee earner roles in our respective regions. There are various factors that can dictate the market rate for a position and we take pride in doing all of the hard work for you.

If you have been frustrated or overwhelmed with creating enticing salary and benefits packages that attract the best legal professionals in the market, we can help.

If you would prefer to have some clarity on any of these figures,  please contact or feel free to call our Head Office on: 02920 388100