Developments across Wales within the last quarter have continued to be promising.

Although we did experience a small dip in the level of movement during the early stages of the quarter, things slowly worked there way back to the previous busy levels.

The Christmas period inevitably saw a decrease in applications and new vacancies as firms slowed down and staff began to disappear into the festivities.

PI Reforms Shake the Market

The proposed rise in the small claims limit and removal of general damages for minor cases (recognised by the Ministry of Justice) saw a high volume of movement across PI focused firms.

During the final quarter of 2016, the Law Gazette confirmed that: “The proposals would see compensation for ‘mild’ whiplash claims banned altogether, with further changes that will effect obtaining legal advice.” 

With these changes, law firms were concerned with a forthcoming state of flux and a likely down turn in work on both the claimant and defendant side. For job seekers this meant the time to look to move into a permanent position was sooner rather than later (and before the reforms were implemented.)

The update on these reforms has resulted in a high volume of quality PI candidates who are now in the process of moving areas or at least moving firms as a reaction to the latest news.

Going into 2017 and as we move closer the period in which the new reforms will actually come to fruition, we expect the amount of quality PI-focused candidates to continue to grow. The reforms will prove to be an interesting talking point going into 2017 and definitely something to monitor.


Some interesting developments in this last quarter have set the tone for an eventful 2017 where we predict a large amount of movement across the legal recruitment market in Wales.

One development to watch in particular will be the ripple effect that the PI reform creates on the market and the subsequent movement that takes place from that.