The North West continues to be very busy at this moment in time and the last quarter of 2016 saw a large volume of legal professionals moving between firms.

Particularly prosperous is Manchester and the surrounding areas which are very busy on both the candidate and client side.

It’s become apparent that a lot of the movement has been the result of changing regulations surrounding PI and the initial concern this has caused amongst legal professionals who are deciding to plan for the future.

Family Proves Popular

Family is currently the area where candidates from all legal backgrounds are looking to move into. From my experience during the final quarter of 2016, candidates were wishing to move away from RTA within personal injury.

On the other hand, commercial property roles are proving to be more in demand and even with the plethora of senior personal injury candidates available it’s an interesting situation matching the right candidate to the right role.

Solicitor Over Support

Something which became apparent during November was the increase in demand for more solicitor-based roles.  I received various solicitor vacancies as opposed to the more regularly recruited for support positions.

The North West of England really has experienced an abundance of high-quality solicitors who are looking to move within the region, so long as the role is the right fit we could so a large influx of solicitors moving into new firms into 2017.

Managing this movement and ensuring our candidates find the right role at the right firm, is something that we’ll be striving to continue working on this year.

Going Forward

Christmas always proves to be a tough period of the year to predict. However, even during the holiday period our focus on staying in touch with candidates has put us in a strong position to deliver a professional and reliable service for our clients.