The market has been very busy in the Midlands over the last quarter.

The Legal Recruitment Update over the last quarter shows a real demand for conveyancing, PI, RTA and banking and finance professionals.

There has been a high demand for paralegals within PI, RTA, banking and finance and corporate. Although the demand has been high in these areas, I have continued to have a large amount of applications from paralegals across the Midlands and believe that this will continue going into the final part of the year.

Conveyancing Demand

Conveyancing is another busy area.

In the last quarter firms have been struggling to find candidates with the right level of experience who fit right in with the dynamics of the team. This demand is across the board from Paralegal to Senior level and is something that will probably continue into the last quarter of 2016.

Salaries also continue to be competitive in Birmingham city centre which is encouraging high-quality candidates to commute or relocate into the area. 

As is usually the case, those willing to relocate in the more urban areas are often graduates looking to move into the city to begin or develop their legal career.

On the other hand, more experienced candidates are looking for opportunities closer to home and are willing to take a salary cut in order to work in a slower-paced environment.

Large Teams Moving

Something I’ve experienced over the last quarter has been the movement of large groups of legal professionals at one particular time.

In a couple of instances, I have had firms deciding to relocate to different parts of the UK and as a result have seen an influx of high-quality and highly-skilled legal professionals looking for work simultaneously.

If this continues to happen then I expect to be inundated with good-quality teams of candidates over the final part of 2016.


From a personal point of view, the candidates across the Midlands have perhaps been easier to come by than other areas of the UK. I have actually had a high volume of quality applications during the third quarter of 2016 and will be looking forward to this continuing into the last quarter.

You can download the full legal movement update for the Midlands here: Legal Movement Update – Quarter 3 – the Midlands