Much has happened in the last quarter.

From periods of turmoil to national and international sporting events – the summer of 2016 was one to be remembered.

Obviously, one of the most dramatic moments of the summer of 2016 was the decision to leave the European Union. Without continuing to elaborate on the initial doom and gloom, from a legal recruitment perspective, we haven’t experienced much change.

Apart from a few initial knee-jerk reactions to temporarily pull jobs from our vacancy list – since Brexit, we have actually experienced a steady increase in the amount of legal vacancies supplied to us from our portfolio of clients.

Changes in Demand

In the last quarter, we’ve seen an increase in demand for family solicitors, which coincides in a decrease in demand for conveyancing professionals.

Much of this decrease in demand for conveyancing professionals occurred across South Wales but in the last month we’ve seen the requirement for property-focused legal professionals grow.

Interestingly, ‘Residential Conveyancer’ is still our most advertised ‘Legal’ vacancy with an average annual salary of £28,433 per year.

Not as surprising, is the fact that ‘Legal Secretary’ is still our most popular ‘Office and Administrative’ vacancy with an average salary of £19,199 per year.

Summer Peaks and Troughs

As is normally expected, the start of the school holidays saw a decrease in candidate applications as the whole legal recruitment process started to slow down.

This year was no exception to the norm as the decision makers across most of the law practices took a well-needed break. From the end of June until the middle of August, we experienced a longer turnaround between placements.

With the Olympics and European Football Championship taking place this summer, recruitment proceedings dropped to a relatively slow speed.

At the end of August and into early September this dip in vacancy applications took an immediate turn the other way. As families and parents come back from holidays and the September blues set in, our level of applications gradually increased.

Private Client Increase

Another interesting development which we’ve witnessed during this summer period, has been firm’s refocusing their efforts and requesting more private client solicitors.

With summer time off, firms have been able to revaluate their business strategies and redirect their efforts in a bid to move forward with the division from Europe.


Even with the division from Europe, summer holidays and international sporting events – the last quarter for Wales has been as busy as any previous year and we expect this trend to continue into 2017.

You can download the full legal movement update for Wales here: Legal Movement Update – Quarter 3 – Wales