One of the biggest challenges facing any recruiter is the ability to maintain contact with candidates.

As we’ve talked about in various articles over the last quarter, one of the issues that legal recruitment professionals are facing is staying in contact with prospective candidates.

In the last quarter we’ve really focused on making the candidate feel wanted. It sounds relatively straightforward but it’s probably the most important aspect of providing a great legal recruitment service.

One thing we really want to do is ensure candidates don’t just feel like another number.

We make our emails personal.

Personal Interaction in Legal Recruitment

We check-in with our candidates and monitor our response times because we know that if we don’t stay in touch and get to know the candidate, there’s a much greater chance that our candidates won’t buy into the new role.  People need to feel like you do actually care about their career.

From a personal point of view, I’m receiving more notifications, messages and emails than ever before. For someone to grab my attention, I have to feel like the digital messages are being sent to me by a human being not just another third-party email software.

Going Forward into 2017

This is something we’ve really dialled into our candidate strategy and it’s something that we’re going to continue to improve on going into 2017.

We really want our candidates to buy into us as an organisation and into the relationship with our consultants. We know that in the long run this will provide a great recruitment experience for our candidates and more reliable employees for our clients.

Our regular content posted via our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page is designed to provide candidates and clients with more than just a ‘recruitment service.’

We are here to provide career advice, legal market knowledge as well as a legal recruitment service. This is something that will continue to grow going into the last quarter of 2016 and into 2017.