When you feel the time is right to make your next legal move, there is a certain way that you can leave your current role with your dignity still in tact.

Working as a Legal Recruitment Consultant I fully understand how much of a tight-knit community the legal sector is as news often travels fast.

That’s why as a legal professional, it’s incredibly important to maintain your reputation during your transition between firms.

Simple Resignation Letters

A simple and graceful resignation letter is a great opportunity for you to provide your firm with clarity over your next move. There’s no need for anything overly complicated, just make sure your your letter is respectful, straightforward and to the point.

Over elaborating and providing too much ‘feedback’ can often result in you delving into a deeper explanation of your real reasons for leaving.

Quality Notice Period

In the legal sector, your ability to maintain the quality of your work can go some way in helping you develop (and even enhance) your professional reputation. It’s easy to get sucked into the ‘holiday mode’ that follows your resignation but making that extra effort can really pay off in the long run.

By ensuring that the handover process is fully-completed and that nothing is left to chance, both parties can finish on good terms with a potential door always being left open for a return.

Gratitude and Collaboration

As a national legal recruitment agency we have witnessed first-hand Fee Earners leaving firms with the Partners joining them only a few weeks later.

This is why it’s incredibly important to express gratitude and collaborate with all members of the team before your eventual departure – because you might end up working in the same firm before you know it.