Setting yourself apart as a Legal Secretary is becoming more and more difficult, particularly in the South East.

LinkedIn and numerous job boards online have made it more challenging for you to stand out to potential employers.

But in this article I want to show you how to dramatically stand out from the crowd when you send your CV through to a Legal Recruitment Agency.

I receive a large volume of CVs from Legal Secretaries and included below are the four key points the clients I work with almost always look for from prospective Legal Secretaries.

Try to get these points into the start of your CV so you make a big impact when a Legal Recruitment Consultant receives your CV.

1. Typing Speed

Adding your typing speed to the top of your CV instantly makes you stand out from other candidates. A good typing speed is often an integral skill that law practices always recognise as a positive.

It may seem like a fairly standard skill to have but a good typing speed can really help set you apart form the competition.

2. Area of Law

When I receive a new Legal Secretary role, clients are often keen to emphasise that the role is specifically related to a certain area of law. It’s always a good idea to specify what area of law you have worked in and add this towards the beginning of your CV.

This allows me to identify roles that are suitable for you right away so I can speed up the recruiting process on your behalf.

3. Team Size You’ve Worked In/With

More often than not, clients want to know that you’re able to integrate into the size of their team.

That’s why it’s important that you are as specific as you can about the dynamics and the size of the team you’ve worked in.

This can greatly help your chances of standing out from the crowd when your CV is passed through to your potential employers as they’ll be able to assess instantly that you can fit right in with their current team.

Make sure you mention how many people were in your team. Did you have any management responsibilities within the team and what role did you play within the team?

4. Multiple Responsibilities

Within the South East, the Legal Secretary role often encapsulates more than just secretarial responsibilities.

Across my region, a Legal Secretary and a Paralegal position often fall under one complete role. That’s why it’s really important that you emphasise that your role as a Legal Secretary in the South East also included Paralegal responsibilities such as:

• Managing a caseload
• Opening/closing files
• Finance and Billing Duties
• Flexible Office Support
• Liaising with external legal sources e.g. Companies House, Land Registry.

If you include these four main points at the start of your CV, you stand a much greater chance of making an immediate impression to not only to your prospective clients but to legal recruiters who are working on your behalf too.

I hope this article helps you stand out as a Legal Secretary in the South East and if you need any assistance in structuring your CV, you can give me a call on: 02920 388100 or email me directly at: