For some time, the recruitment process for legal professionals has been speeding up on all fronts: Email, InMail and online job boards have made it simpler than ever to apply for a new role.

But how do you consolidate a process that has a number of important and necessary steps? Can you really quickly recruit and hire the right legal professionals without cutting corners and compromising your organisation’s ethos?

Create a ‘Candidate Funnel’

With so many communication channels available for applicants, it can be difficult to stay on top of the recruitment process and find out enough about your prospective candidates before they’ve moved on to the next available role.

However, one of the ways you can avoid this mess is by developing a candidate funnel.

A candidate funnel is an effective way of moving candidates through an already-automated process no matter what channel of communication they come from.

This could be forwarding your candidates to a specific mailbox and/or a specific telephone number. The way you contact and engage with your prospective candidates once they’re in your funnel can determine how successful you are in attracting (and engaging with) the best legal professionals in the market.

Attention Spans

As we move into a more digital age, one of the most difficult parts of recruitment is staying engaged with candidates. Our inboxes are fuller than ever, our phones are packed with private messages and we’re part of a constant stream of digital contact.

When you add a candidate into your organisation’s recruitment funnel it’s imperative that you maintain regular touch points.

You can automate this process, but the more personal it feels and the earlier you can do it, the less time you’ll spend chasing candidates with calls and leaving voicemails.

When a really great candidate becomes available, it’s always best to get in touch as soon as you can. Autoresponders with robot-like replies offer a solution but they don’t offer enough personalisation to really get your prospective candidates excited.

If there is limited personal contact in the early stages, don’t be surprised if your prospective candidate decides to skip the interview with you and move onto one of your competitors.

At TSR Legal we know that early personal contact has a huge impact on the reliability of candidates making it to interviews. That’s why we use a combination of automated systems and personal touches to make sure candidates constantly feel wanted.

Candidates are becoming more and more aware of agencies and recruiters who focus solely on volume and make them feel like just another figure on the board.

As an organisation, we have put all of our efforts into making the candidate experience our number one priority. We know that if we can do this we’ll be able to provide our clients with the most professional and consistent service in the market.

If you’d like to have a consistent flow of high-quality and fully engaged candidates flowing into your organisation, you can contact us for more information via info@tsr-legal(dot)co(dot)uk.