For some, this period of the year can be about winding down, tying up loose ends and preparing for the impending calories that await over the festive period.

However, for a lot of legal professionals, it’s also a time to recalibrate and reevaluate where they want to go in their career.

What to Do if You’re Looking to Move

In order to really get the ball rolling it’s important to take some early steps if you really are determined to leave your current role and move onto pastures new.

Taking into account notice periods and a reduction in staff over the Christmas period, it’s definitely in your interests to start applying and discussing new career opportunities in the early part of December. That’s why we recommend applying or sending your CV to prospective employers as early in December as you can.

Ideally, attending an interview in the first two weeks of December will stand you in good stead to enjoy your time off in the knowledge that you’ll be starting an exciting new role come January.

Using the Flexibility

With work slowing down for some, this can also be a better opportunity to attend interviews, taking into account some potentially improved flexibility around booking slots.

Occasionally when interviews are delayed until the New Year, it can become more difficult to find the time to make appointments as the majority of firms are preparing for the New Year and playing catch up from work left uncompleted before the break.

How You Should Do it

If you are genuinely looking to make a move before the New Year, we would definitely recommend starting the process sooner rather than later in December.

If we can be of any assistance or you’d like to discuss your options heading into 2017, you can either call us on: 02920 388100 or email