Something that I’m always looking to improve and help with, is feedback.

Working in London and the South East proves to be very hectic and keeping the communication channels open consistently can prove sometimes to be challenging.

With the digital world seemingly taking over, we’re constantly bombarded with communication from a whole host of people and service providers.

However in the hunt for a new legal role, the speed at which you receive and provide feedback makes a huge difference to the speed and success of your search for a new role

The Disappearing Act

It’s the nightmare every recruiter dreads and the disappearing act from both candidates and clients can be a confusing and frustrating time.

From a recruiter’s perspective we do everything we possibly can to prevent this from happening. This is why I am always incredibly thorough around the requirements of your potential employers  and dig deeper into every aspect that might affect your decision to move.

As a legal recruiter I am in discussions with clients and prospective employees every minute of every day.

The more digging we can do in the beginning of the recruitment phase, the more we can genuinely help you find the right role and match you with the exact requirements of our clients

Although it’s never 100% possible to provide total control over any process as circumstances change incredibly quickly, we are always trying to remain at the forefront of your mind.

This is because we understand how overwhelming the process of recruiting and searching for a new role can be. That’s why I cannot place more emphasis on the importance of timeframes around feedback.

Being left in the dark can ultimately destroy any work that has been done previously and means the relationship between yourself and a potential employer can be severely dented

What Not to Do

Please don’t miss interviews.

Obviously particular circumstances determine whether or not you can attend interviews but disappearing and remaining uncontactable can seriously damage your chances of finding the right legal role in the future.

This is in no way trying to sound threatening but as I’m sure you know, the legal sector is a community where news travels fast. Maintaining a professional attitude at any stage of your career is going to help propel you into roles in the future.

As a prospective candidate, we know how much you want to find out if you were successful at interview. However, in my experience it’s not always about the feedback, it’s actually about the speed at which feedback is provided.

This all comes down to the expectations set by the client initially around the timeline of the recruitment process. From your perspective, it’s important that you understand from the onset how long a firm are willing to wait in order to find the ‘right’ person for the role and I will do my best to help you become aware of this.


Understanding your needs, the timelines involved and remaining patient really can be the difference between you remaining frustrated in your current role or moving into your dream role.