Are you thinking of growing your firm?

Or are you looking to replace professionals who have moved onto pastures new?

Either way, if you’re looking to bring in new members of staff, the speed at which you provide feedback is going to determine the speed at which you recruit.

Why Feedback is More Important Than You Know

In a time where instant gratification is on the rise, the speed at which you provide feedback can be the difference between recruiting a really great candidate or struggling for the next six months to get anyone through the doors.

At TSR Legal, we are constantly speaking with and registering top legal talent and there is one common theme that continues to disrupt firm’s recruitment strategies.

Top talent isn’t around long.

Although we regularly liaise with candidates and do our upmost to ensure that the role that they are looking for is right for them, it’s often the case that great candidates have several interviews or offers in the pipeline at any given time.

How Urgent is Urgent?

This is why it’s important for us to determine the urgency of your requirement as we can then provide candidates with realistic time frames for responses. This is because as much as we request our candidates to keep in touch, it’s also just as important for clients to keep the communication lines open when all a candidate wants to know is “do I have the job or not?”

Obviously if the role you are recruiting for is not particularly urgent, we can relay this to candidates during the registration and interview process and set realistic expectations around timelines as well as the length of time candidates should be prepared to receive feedback.

We do understand that daily priorities change but sometimes a small line of communication can keep the very best legal talent interested in waiting for feedback before they ultimately make a more irrational decision to move to a firm that wasn’t their initial priority.

With the legal market moving faster than ever, we find that great communication can often help you secure the best possible professional for the role and is something that we’re placing huge importance on when speaking with both candidates and clients. This is only because we strive to ensure that the clients and candidates we work on behalf of are given the opportunity to work with the people/organisations that they favour.

In Summary

Creating realistic feedback timelines from the outset can most definitely be the difference between maintaining the interest of the best legal professionals in the market or losing them to your closest competitors.