Tell us a bit about yourself….

Handsome, witty and a bit of a loveable rogue.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in Recruitment?

I have a good knowledge of the legal industry having been a solicitor for a number of years. I enjoy helping people and dealing with Clients so it seemed like a natural career choice. I like being part of a small family team environment.

Tell us a bit about TSR LEGAL and the kind of work you do ?

TSR Legal is very specialised and provides a bespoke service to Clients and candidates alike. I recruit from senior equity partner level to part-time office juniors and provide consistent service throughout.

What advice would you give an ambitious Recruitment Consultant at the start of their career?

Listen to others around you, make your own mistakes and learn your own lessons from them. Most of all just keep going. If you give consistent service and effort you will achieve anything you want.

What is the biggest achievement you have made at TSR LEGAL?

Building good relationships with new Clients and Clients we had not used before I joined, but most of all, feeling like I have added value to the team.

Who is the biggest influence on your career and why?

In recruitment, one of our Directors, Karen. I’ve known her since I was fresh out of University and always respected her as a consultant. I think her no nonsense style adds to her charm. In parallel to being a solicitor, if you know what you are talking about people will buy into it and trust you.

What’s the most challenging element of your job?

Always striving for something that you will never reach, an unobtainable goal.

Describe your company in three words?

Loyal, Professional and Fun.

If you could be any person for the day who would it be and why?

Not sure I would want to be anyone else to be honest…Maybe Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd to experience every high of human emotion and achieving greatness in your art.

What do you like to do outside the office?

Play guitar and piano, sports (spectator only)…Eating