As part of the service we offer our clients, our engagement across all social media channels forms a huge part of what we are trying to achieve.

We all sometimes forget the ‘social’ in social media when running professional media channels.

As well as trying to develop a brand, provide great content and encourage people to engage with you as an organisation, building relationships is essentially what social media channels are made for.

Here are 3 easy ways to create and grow relationships through the Twitter platform to make you more of an authority in your respected industry:

1.     Building credibility through writing interesting and engaging content
2.     Directly engaging with people through personal messages, mentions and replies
3.     Posting about events/topics that are not necessarily related to your organisation

Building Credibility Through Writing Interesting Content

It’s one thing to describe your organisation as a ‘thought leader’ but do you have the evidence to back it up?

Potential candidates/clients want to see that the people within their prospective organisations are actively reporting on and discussing issues and events taking place in their areas of expertise.

More often than not organisations are guilty of reposting content written by other ‘thought leaders’ in their respective industries and effectively miss out on the chance to build credibility and gain trust.

Directly Engaging with People Through Personal Messages, Mentions and Replies

With various third-party tools now available as add-ons for Twitter, it’s easy to become robotic in your social media approach.

Twitter has enough content as it is. Feeds are full of people constantly asking us to ‘do this,’ ‘read this,’ or ‘call us.

The more natural you can be in your social media approach, the more of a chance you’ll give yourself to stand out from the never-ending Twitter noise.

Just taking the time to visit followers profiles, favourite their tweets and send them replies will set you apart from 90% of the organisations currently posting (spamming) Twitter.

This small change in your approach will help you build an engaged and active Twitter ‘tribe’ rather than a following of Twitter robots.

Posting About Things Other Than Your Practice

As we move into a world of instant gratification, you only have so much time to catch-the-eye of a prospective candidate or customer.

With Twitter, the key in any case is to always be current and relevant to what’s happening – that very day!

The pace at which Twitter moves means tweets now have a shelf life of around 11 minutes before they are lost into the Twittersphere for good.

That’s why it’s important to make sure the tweets you are engaging with are relevant and up to date with what’s currently going on in the world and not just telling everyone how good you are.

Simply searching for the latest trending tweets in your industry and organically retweeting them or replying with interested reactions, will keep you in the loop (and in the minds) of prospective customers and/or employees.

In Summary

Twitter is all about people and is a very human engine.

People now want to see who they’re interacting with and trust that there’s a person behind that last tweet and not just another third-party robot.

Mixing up your content strategy, engaging with real people and staying current will set you apart from your competition and build relationships that last longer than a tweet.